Help Fix Dark Core 4.0 Kernel Bug

Here are some easy ways to help you fix the Dark Core 4.0 kernel issue.

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    EulerOS host for online computer repair is missing several security updates.


    Depending on the type of kernel packages installed, installing EulerOS on a remote host is actually vulnerable to the following vulnerabilities:

    – Integer sign error on oz_hcd_get_desc_cnf function in drivers/staging/ozwpan /ozhcd. In deb, the OZWPAN driver of the Linux kernel up to and including version 4.0.5 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (system crash) or potentially execute arbitrary code through a “worn” package. (CVE-2015-4001)

    – drivers/staging/ozwpan/ozusbsvc1.c regarding the OZWPAN driver on pre-Kernel 4.0.5 Linux, not sure if the given length values ​​are large enough that Turn allows remote attackers cause some sort of capability failure (system crash or giant loop) or perhaps execute any method of specially crafted package code to provide them with the functions (1) oz_usb_rx more Oz_usb_handle_ep_data(2). (CVE-2015-4002)

    – Function oz_usb_handle_ep_data in drivers/staging/ozwpan/ozusbsvc1.c in OZWPAN driver on new linux shows that remote attackers with kernel 4.0.5 are allowedo disable linux organization (divide-by-zero errors). and system failures) through the designed container. (CVE-2015-4003)

    – The proprietary OZWPAN feature in the Linux kernel since version 4.0.5 uses untrusted length substitution for packet sniffing, allowing remote attackers to obtain sensitive information from the kernel or cause a service to fail ( out-of-bounds check and system crash) via inspired package. (CVE-2015-4004)

    – arch/arm64/kernel/sys.c living in pre-4.0 Linux kernel could cause local users to bypass the “strong page permissions” stability mechanism ‘ and currently change the system call and the table, thus gaining privileges, generating accesses. (CVE-2015-8967)

    – Ecryptfs_privived_open function in fs/ecryptfs/kthread.c file in Linux kernel prior to version 4.6.3 allows local users to gain privileges or cause denial of service (stack memory consumption) suggests vectors , containing invented calls to mmap for /proc paths, preferably recursively for page fault handling. (CVE-2016-1583)

    4 . On Android for MSM, Firefox OS for MSM, QRD Android, when usingUsing all versions of CAF for Android running the Linux kernel, a buffer overflow is detected in nl80211_set_station if the user space usage of the NL80211_ATTR_LOCAL_MESH_POWER_MODE attribute is set for data less than Money, for example 4 bytes (CVE-2017-11089)

    – In all On Qualcomm products with Android versions of CAF using the Linux kernel, DMA allocation truncates the allocation size due to incorrect size information, making the allocation succeed when it should fail. (CVE-2017-9725)

    – An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel where exactly a reference count leak in llcp_sock_bind() was causing use after free, resulting in privilege escalation. (CVE-2020-25670)

    ~ A vulnerability has been discovered in the Linux kernel where a reference count overflow in llcp_sock_connect() calls a use-after-release function, resulting in privilege escalation. (CVE-2020-25671)

    – A vulnerability has been discovered in the Linux kernel that could cause a non-blocking socket found in llcp_sock_connect() to leak and possibly shut down the computer. (CVE-2020-25673)

    – An issue was considered discovered in Linux forabout kernel version 5.10. drivers/infiniband/core/ucma.c is used after release because this particular ctx is reached via this ctx_list in any ucma_migrate_id where ucma_close events are identified as alias CID-f5449e74802c. (CVE-2020-36385)

    – Incorrect access control in BlueZ may allow an authenticated user to more easily route potential information disclosure paths for continuous access. (CVE-2021-0129)

    – Es Reported that the bug in the Linux kernel before 5.9 is in drivers/gpu/drm/new/new_sgdma.c in new_sgdma_create_ttm in the new DRM subsystem. The problem stems from the lack of checking for the existence of an object before performing operations on my object. An attacker with a local account and root privileges could use this valuable vulnerability to change privileges and execute certain code in the context of the kernel. (CVE-2021-20292)

    – Writes a set of elements that are out of bounds found in net/netfilter/x_tables.c starting with Linux v2.6.19-rc1.
    This allows an attacker to gain freedom or cause DoS (due to storage corruption) via user domain (CVE-2021-22555)

    Linux prior to 5.11.eight. This allows attackers to help cause a Service Provider Denial (BUG) due to a lack of security buffer before the clone operation, also known as CID-dbcc7d57bffc. (CVE-2021-28964)

    dark core 4.0 kernel

    This software will fix your PC - download it now to get started.

    Dark Core 4.0-kernel
    Jądro Dark Core 4.0
    Ядро Dark Core 4.0
    Dark Core 4.0 Kernel
    다크 코어 4.0 커널
    Kernel Dark Core 4.0
    Kernel Dark Core 4.0
    Noyau Dark Core 4.0
    Núcleo Oscuro 4.0
    Dark Core 4.0-Kernel